What is a VOAD?

VOAD – Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters – is a cohort of agencies gathered to prepare for, respond to and recover from hazards of all kinds.  But beyond that - the National VOAD is a movement!  From the National VOAD, founded in 1970, down to the state and regional levels, VOADs across the country gather to help their communities to plan for emergencies.

San Francisco VOAD

The SF VOAD is a coalition of nonprofit and faith-based member agencies that engage in disaster preparedness, response and recovery planning for the City and County of San Francisco.  Part of the our role includes having a seat at the Community Branch in the San Francisco Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

Learn More

The National VOAD website has a robust library with resources that guide VOAD members in  case management, donation management, emotional and spiritual wellness, and more.

The California VOAD page has a resource library as well, with VOAD operating guidelines and forms, member outreach materials and presentations. Rather than one statewide VOAD, the Golden State has two regional VOADS – NorCal VOAD and SoCal VOAD.